MaMVO NMVS Alerts Training for All Local End Users – February 2021

MaMVO is pleased to inform you that a webinar is being held for all local End Users on NMVS Alerts, MaMVO’s Alert Management System (AMS).

This webinar will provide training on how to use NMVS Alerts to identify alerts raised by your FMD software when authenticating medicinal products, and how to investigate and provide appropriate feedback on these alerts when requested.

MaMVO wishes to remind you that any local organisation that has not onboarded to NMVS Alerts has been onboarded by MaMVO using the details of the MaMVS Prime Contact, and any other person within the organisation with whom MaMVO may currently communicate in the process of alert management. Should you wish to onboard to NMVS Alerts with other details, we kindly advise you to do so as soon as possible by completing either of the following forms:

– Wholesale Dealer Organisation:

MaMVO NMVS Alerts Wholesaler Onboarding Form

– Pharmacy / Hospital Organisation:

MaMVO NMVS Alerts Pharmacy / Hospital Onboarding Form

The presentation of this webinar will be made available in the User Restricted Area of the MaMVO website ( ) after the event, however, MaMVO regrets that, due to the high demand on available resources arising from the next phase in the implementation of the Delegated Regulation, MaMVO’s ability to subsequently address individual queries by non-attendees will be significantly curtailed.

Attendees, who have NOT received an invite to this webinar from, are kindly requested to register their attendance through MaMVO’s Registration Form below.

Event Details
  • DATE

    23rd February 2021

  • TIME

    20:00 – 21:30


    Microsoft Teams

Event Organiser
  • NAME

    MaMVO Alerts Team