Approved IT Suppliers

The IT Suppliers listed below have been approved to connect to the Malta Medicines Verification System (MaMVS) following connectivity and specific operations testing by the IT Suppliers.

MaMVO’s self-certification testing process demonstrates that the IT Supplier’s System can correctly connect to the MaMVS, however MaMVO has not reviewed the IT Supplier’s System features or functionality. It is important to highlight that IT Suppliers may have opted to undertake partial certification and thus the IT Supplier’s System is only approved to connect to the MaMVS in respect of the relevant activity.

End-Users must assure themselves that any system they utilise to verify and decommission medicines meets and has been certified for their specific workplace requirements.

NOTE: MaMVO advises that all IT Supplier certificates or approvals issued for R8 (API 2.2) will cease to be effective when R12 is taken into Production in May 2023. Any such solutions are highlighted in red text in the table below.

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