MaMVO End of Stabilisation Period Webinar – January 2021

MaMVO is pleased to inform you that a webinar is being held for the above-mentioned individuals involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain in Malta.

This meeting will discuss the current state of the implementation of the Delegated Regulation on Safety Features and the way forward after the Stabilisation Period ends on the 9th February 2021, particularly with regards to the management of alerts raised by the system upon activities undertaken by all concerned.

It is imperative that all the interested persons listed above send a representative, as this is a very important meeting. Presentations made will be distributed after the event, however, MaMVO regrets that, due to the high demand on available resources arising from the next phase in the implementation of the Delegated Regulation, MaMVO’s ability to subsequently address individual queries by non-attendees will be significantly curtailed.

Attendees are to register their attendance through MaMVO’s Registration Form below.

Event Details
  • DATE

    29th January 2021

  • TIME

    20:00 – 21:30


    Microsoft Teams

Event Organiser
  • NAME

    MaMVO Alerts Team